The Creation (Genesis 1)

PDF of Lesson Notes

Genesis 1 covers the creation of the world. The chapter raises many significant questions:

Lesson 1 - creation
  • What does the creation account reveal about who God is? 
  • How should we understand the creation of the world? What is reasonable?   
  • Why do so many smart people reject God as the Creator of the universe?
  • How did Paul argue God as Creator of the universe to help intelligent (but unbelieving) people come to faith?   
  • Why is the creation story important to Christians, especially when things in our lives get challenging?   
  • How are we to understand God creating the world in "seven days"?
  • Why did God rest on the seventh day?  
  • What does it mean when God says in Genesis: "Let us make man in our image"?  

We tackle these and other questions in this first lesson in the book of Genesis.