Elisha, Pt. 7: The Blind See (2 Kings 6:8-23)

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In this story, the Syrian army surrounds the city to take Elisha. There with his servant, Elisha works a tremendous miracle with an unexpected twist. This lesson looks at the theme of spiritual blindness and the love God has for his enemies.  

(For further study, see Those Who Are With Us from 2 Kings 6)

Elisha, Pt. 6: Naaman, Gehazi, and the Floating Ax Head (2 Kings 5:17-6:7)

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We pick up where we left off with the story of Naaman's healing, which some Christians through the centuries have viewed as a foreshadowing of baptism.  We discuss one aspect of baptism, the power over death and the hope of eternal life.  We then look at the story of Gehazi, who falls into the sins of greed and deceit, and provides a warning to us to embrace a Godly view of wealth and possessions.  Finally, we look at the story of the lost ax head.  

Elisha, Pt. 5: More Miracles and the Story of Naaman, Part 1 (2 Kings 4:38-5:16)

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As the story of Elisha continues, we see the prophet work two miracles of provision for a group in need. We are then introduced to Naaman, a famous commander of the Syrian army, who also happens to be a leper. There are many gems to mine from these stories as we see God's power and compassion, God's desire and ability to provide for his servants in need, the faith of the prophet, and the shortcomings and humility of Naaman.   

Elisha, Pt. 3: Three Kings and a Widow (2 Kings 3:1-4:1-7)

We pick up on part three of a series on the life of Elisha. The story of Elisha offers so much for us to learn. In this lesson, Elisha saves three kings (and Israel) from death, then turns and rescues a nameless widow and her sons. These stories reveal much about the heart of God and His role as both Savior and Redeemer.  

This lesson was shared in a private setting and not recorded. The notes are offered for your encouragement and study!  

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Elisha, Pt. 1: Background and Call (2 Kings 2:1‐18)

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Elisha was an Old Testament prophet during a very dark time in Israel's history. Yet his life and experiences as recorded in the book of 2 Kings have much to help us as Christians on our own life journeys. In the examples of Elisha and other characters in these Old Testament passages, we learn about faith, courage, obedience, contentment, greed, proper regard for God, prayer, justice for the oppressed, God's compassion for the weak, God's judgment, forgiveness, and love for one's enemies. This first of a three-part series covers a background introduction and Elisha's call.