Genesis 1-20

Abraham Enters Canaan and a Meeting with Melchizedek (Genesis 12-14)

At age seventy-five, Abraham and his wife Sarah obey God and leave their homeland, to embark on a great mission to an unknown land. We learn of the many important promises God gives to Abraham as well as how Abraham conducts himself along their journey....

The Fall of Man, Cain & Abel (Genesis 3:6-4:16)

These passages of Scripture lay the foundation for the entire Biblical story describing the relationship of God and mankind. Here we learn of the Fall, the sin of Adam, Eve, and Satan, and the consequences of such sin. These passages include Scripture often quoted in the New Testament....

The Creation (Genesis 1)

Genesis 1 covers the creation of the world. The chapter raises many significant questions:

  • What does the creation account reveal about who God is? 
  • How should we understand the creation of the world? What is reasonable?   
  • Why do so many smart people reject God as the Creator of the universe?
  • How did Paul argue God as Creator of the universe to help intelligent people....