Separation from the World

Biblical Separation, Pt. 5: Sitting at Jesus' Feet

In this lesson, Ray Wenger looks at the story of Martha and Mary—not just the tale of Martha’s serving and complaining in isolation, but the whole scope of their story with Jesus—and explores what it means to “sit at Jesus’ feet.” The arc of Martha and Mary’s lives illustrates the way a transformed mind gains new desires, and who those desires are directed towards.

Biblical Separation, Pt. 4: Nonconformity through Transformation

In Romans 12, Paul appeals to Christians to be “transformed by the renewal of your mind.” This type of transformation is not superficial, but leads to a new, heavenly perspective on everything we encounter. This lesson explores this transformation, including how Biblical nonconformity affects how Christians treat each another and those outside of the church.

Biblical Separation, Pt. 3: Take Up Your Cross

In Matthew 16, Jesus grants Peter special blessings and privileges, but then promptly rebukes Peter for minding the things of men and not the things of God. This lesson looks at Peter (as well as good and bad examples from the Old Testament) and the temptation to embrace human interests and worldly methods, even as we seek to accomplish God’s purposes. Jesus’ clear direction points to a better way, that the world will simply never follow.

Biblical Separation, Pt. 2: Do Not Be Unequally Yoked

In 2 Corinthians chapter two, Paul directs the Christians not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. Instead, they are to come out from the world, so that God might receive them, dwell in them, and be a Father to them. In this lesson we take a close look at Moses’ hunger to know God, His ways, and to have God’s presence with him. Our longing as Christians to meet with God and to have close fellowship with Him is central to our Biblical separation from the world.

Biblical Separation, Pt. 1: Expelling the Canaanites (Judges 1-2)

In this first of a five-part series on Biblical Separation from the World, Ray Wenger describes foundational principles of Biblical separation from the world, including God’s goodness, examples of artificial separation, and how compromise in our obedience to God’s commandants leads to spiritual destruction. May we find decisive victory over our spiritual Canaanites where Israel failed, and reap the rewards that God seeks to bestow upon us.