He Who Loves His Life Will Lose It (John 12:17-41)

With his death approaching, Jesus uses two puzzling figures of speech to explain both how He would die, and why He had to die. In the course of doing that, He reveals a great mystery that applies also to us: a seed must die in order to produce a great harvest. Jesus then goes on to quote from Isaiah, revealing a wonderful window into the divinity and pre-existence of the Son of God.

Elisha, Pt. 1: Background and Call (2 Kings 2:1‐18)

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Elisha was an Old Testament prophet during a very dark time in Israel's history. Yet his life and experiences as recorded in the book of 2 Kings have much to help us as Christians on our own life journeys. In the examples of Elisha and other characters in these Old Testament passages, we learn about faith, courage, obedience, contentment, greed, proper regard for God, prayer, justice for the oppressed, God's compassion for the weak, God's judgment, forgiveness, and love for one's enemies. This first of a three-part series covers a background introduction and Elisha's call.   


Each year, brothers and sisters from around the world gather in Pennsylvania to provide a forum for Biblical teaching for those who desire to live as disciples of Christ. One of the primary goals of this event is to be a place where kingdom-minded Christians from various backgrounds can meet one another for edification and encouragement, and to learn from each other. This year's theme was discipleship....