fear of God

They Loved the Praise of Men (John 12:42-43)

John tells us plainly that many failed to follow Jesus not for lack of faith, but because "they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God." Loving men’s praise (over God’s) is a problem for many of us today as well. In this lesson we look at inspiring Biblical heroes whose commitment to pleasing God brought severe persecution. We also consider tragic counter-examples of those who disobeyed God because they wanted to please people. The lesson concludes with challenges in specific areas, for each of us to lead a courageous life devoted to pleasing God rather than people.

Behold the Lamb of God (John 1:29-42)

John the Baptist identifies Jesus as "the Lamb of God". Why a lamb, and not some other animal? Does this simply mean that Jesus was meek and harmless, or is there more to it? How would John's hearers have understood this expression? In this lesson we look at what this would have meant to John’s hearers, and the profound implications for all those who want to follow Jesus today. 

Lessons from the Bible for the Young

This lesson highlights wisdom from Solomon (who the Bible calls the wisest man on earth) to give wisdom to the young, as well as to the old and wise. What are the benefits of wisdom?  How do we get it?  Are there blessings that come from fearing God?  How do the people we spend our time with impact our character and how wise we can become?  Solomon provides answers to these questions.