Middle East Missions

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A door has opened to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom in the Middle East, which is being spread to Christian house churches in predominantly Muslim countries. We are working closely with Scroll Publishing to translate many of their books and transcripts of their teaching CDs into Arabic and other languages and to distribute them without charge to Christians and Muslims. In addition, we are also developing Old Testament and other teaching materials to strengthen the faith of the Christians and to explain (and proclaim) the Gospel effectively to those from a Muslim background.  

Christians in this part of the world generally fall into three groups. The first two groups hold Protestant and Catholic/Orthodox beliefs. However, a third group is devoted to Scripture apart from any mainstream denominational thought. They normally meet in houses. It is this third group of Christians who are responding to the kingdom message which complements and completes their current understanding of the faith. Many of these Christians are young, in their late teens and twenties, eager to grow and to be strengthened in their faith. 

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This door to reach those in this part of the world with the kingdom message has opened suddenly and unexpectedly. We are seeking God's will in how best to spread the Gospel to this part of the world, but not using resources of missions organizations, church associations, or denominations. Scroll Publishing is providing its materials free of charge for this kingdom work. Our house church and a handful of other Christians around the country are contributing to support this work targeting specific efforts to spread the Gospel, including translation of Biblical teaching.  

Please pray for us.  Prayer for wisdom, that we may be discerning in the ways we need to in order to support and equip these courageous men and women. Pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters who risk imprisonment and their very lives for the faith in a difficult and dangerous part of the world. And pray for God's Word to go out and produce a harvest to His glory. 

“.... The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
— James 5:16

To learn more about this work, you can reach out to us here.