Why do we meet in homes?

"And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ."  Acts 5:42
"Greet Priscilla and Aquilla, my fellow workers in Christ, Jesus, who risked their own necks for my life, to whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles. Likewise greet the church that is in their house."  Romans 16:3-5

During the times of the early church, followers of Jesus met in their homes.   They viewed the church not as the building where they met, but as the people who met together to worship and follow Him.  While there is no command in Scripture to meet in homes, this was an effective way to share and spread the Gospel in the first several centuries after Jesus' death and resurrection.  We believe that there are many reasons why meeting in homes can be effective today as well.  Meeting in homes

  • is inexpensive.  Funds that otherwise would go to facilities and their maintenance can instead be used to care for the poor and to fund missions work abroad;
  • provides an opportunity for close fellowship.  We all  live busy, hectic lives. Meeting in a home, and over a meal, allows Christians time to worship together, hear good Biblical teaching, share their hearts, encourage one another, and have meaningful fellowship with each other. These times together play a significant role in developing the love and depth of relationships that ought to characterize Christians; 
  • promotes family worship.  Meeting in a home allows families to participate in worship together, something we see throughout Scripture. There is something powerful in a child seeing his or her father teach from God's Word, hearing his or her mother pray with other Christians, and singing songs of praise with one's siblings and parents;   
  • brings the Gospel to our neighborhoods.  Many people today don't want to "go to church." They either didn't grow up religious or have been turned off by religion. However, many are  open to visiting a home and experiencing church in a very different way.